• "Tall Cowboy" David


In my previous life with horses on the other continents I have lived, little is known about this charming, versatile breed. Of Spanish Andalusian origins interbred with the Portuguese Lusitano horses left behind after the 100 year war and the ferrel horses which roamed this land; this developed into a tough, hardy breed known for their strength, stamina and good character being able to survive on limited grazing and water in all weather.

Today they form a very important part of the farming workforce in Uruguay and Argentina, the breed is now registered and are in big demand worldwide as cattle ranching horses and more recently have been discovered by the equestrian sport of Endurance riding. Many of the foundation mares of the world famous Argentine Polo pony are Criollos and blended with the speed of the Thoroughbred, make the perfect polo pony; tough, resilient, fast and not too tall as the Criollos average around 15 hands.

After more than 50 years of working with Thoroughbreds and warmbloods, it is very exciting for me to have created a team of Criollos for our pleasure that I am really proud of and I look forward to introducing you to my new family of horses.

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