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They call me "Tall Cowboy" David, founder and operator of Colonia Horseriding. I originally moved to Argentina based on its world renowned horse culture and decided to settle in the exciting capital city of Buenos Aires the tourism hub of the country.

My idea was to create a professional service showcasing the rich horse culture of the country and set about researching ranches, estancias, farms or any equestrian establishments close enough to BA to be accessible on a day trip which would suit my target clientele; real horse people interested in a unique Argentine experience on a Criollo horse, gaucho saddle and a REAL horse ride in a beautiful location.

After a few years of frustration and disappointment of visiting many touristic estancias where a short walk in a line on a tired horse who had serviced bus loads of tourists each day, was definitely not what I was looking for! I found some good places in the far north, south and central Argentina which due to the distances (400km+) would need more time than the average BA visitor wanted to spend.


This beautiful historically famous diamond of a village with a lush vegetation, natural coastline, teaming with Criollo horses and a strong Gaucho culture, only 1 hour by comfortable ferry from BA in neighboring Uruguay. I had found my destiny and patiently set about creating this dream excursion which has thrilled many horse lovers in the past almost 3 years.

I now live permanently in Colonia del Sacramento and look forward to sharing my passion, the unique Gaucho culture and my family of Criollo horses with you!

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