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Criollo Horses in Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay near Buenos Aires
About me: I'm David. I am South African born, have been involved in horses more than 50 years, as a show jumper, trainer, racehorse breeder, trail centre and riding club owner.


I started riding and competing at a very young age. I attended an Agricutural College to complete my diploma in Animal Husbandry followed by a diploma in Chemistry to back up my practical knowledge; all the time riding, competing and training a very successful children's  jumping team. I have travelled the world furthering my equestrian knowlege participating in clinics and courses wherever possible and am a qualified jumping instructor.

In 2012, I attended and successfully completed the course "El Caballo" ("The Horse") offered by the Argentina Ministry of Agriculture, which put me in contact with the best vets, breeders and horseman in the country. I have also completed the Argentina Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainers diploma, which is one of the most highly regarded in the world. 

“After many years as trainer, breeder and tourism professional in three continents, this is definitely the best experience I've ever offered to horse lovers” 


—  "Tall Cowboy" David

About the Criollo horses: the breed dates back to a 1535 shipment of 100 Pure Bred Spanish -Andalusian stallions coming from CadizSpain, to the Rio de la Plata imported by Buenos Aires founder, Pedro de Mendoza. In 1540, the hostility of the native populace forced the Spaniards to abandon Buenos Aires and release 12 to 45 horses. 
When Buenos Aires was resettled in 1580, it is estimated that the feral horse population numbered around 12,000. Since they largely reproduced in the wild, the criollo developed into an extremely hardy horse capable to survive the extreme heat and cold, subsist with little water, and live off the dry grasses of the area.

Together with my Gaucho assistants and riding on gaucho saddles, you will feel some of the mistic of this amazing breed on a beautiful landscape.


I work only with local people, born and raised in Uruguay, who really know the place, local habits and history. I support sustainable tourism, not accepting big groups and hiring little entrepreneurs (my local guide, gaucho assistants, transfer and family owned BBQ). My promise is to give you an authentic and personalised experience worth remembering, away from the typical "tourist traps", with respect for the nature and local culture.

Mr. Aimé Tschiffely with Gato and Mancha, the legendary criollos who went from Buenos Aires to Washington DC (10.000 m) in 1925.

Meet the beauties of our team...

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Before booking, if you have doubts and questions about this activity, please read my FAQs section.
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